Upon arriving at the office, you will fill out some forms for the doctor. You will describe your present health concerns, your past health history, and your goals. You will then meet with Dr. Susan, and she will review the forms with you and you will discuss your health concerns. An examination will then be performed to evaluate your health issues, the doctor will discuss her findings with you, and discuss the treatment she feels would best deliver relief and results. If additional testing is necessary, such as x-rays or other imaging, she will discuss that with you as well. Dr. Susan will explain the results of her findings from the exam and consultation, and together you will discuss a plan of action to best address your individual health situation and attain your goals. You will then receive your first treatment at Alta Chiropractic, and begin your new road to optimal health and wellness.

Dr. Susan often combines a type of massage called Trigger Point Therapy with the Spinal Adjustments in her treatments. This is used to relax tense muscles, reduce pain from the muscles, and reduce muscle spasm. Essentially, it prepares the muscles and spine to accept the adjustment with a more gentle and comfortable approach.

There are other therapies that can also be used depending on your condition, such as hot moist packs, ice packs or gentle muscle stretching. You may also be taught some stretches and exercises that you will be asked to do at home. Consider these exercises your “homework”, as they will help to keep the alignment of your spine between adjustments, strengthen weakened muscles, and stretch tight muscles.


There are different types of care available. The stages of healing--described below--flow into one another over the course of one's progress:

Initial Intensive Care: the goal of this stage is to reduce/relieve your pain and other symptoms, such as tingling, burning, numbness, weakness or stiffness. This phase may last for a number of weeks, depending on the nature of your problem. In this phase of care, nervous system dysfunction, ligaments, joints, muscles, tendons and other tissues are in the early stages of healing.

Corrective Care: more complete healing can occur when injured and damaged tissues have been stabilized, and proper motion is being restored. Without complete healing, discontinuing care during this phase can set the stage for a relapse. This is a period of retraining the body, so that it will be strong and able to efficiently handle the effects of prolonged sitting, working at a computer, physical labor, emotional worries, nutritional/chemical imbalances, and other stresses of life.

Maintenance Care: with your pain and symptoms resolved or minimal in nature, our goal is to maintain the results achieved in the prior phases of care.  This can be important for those people who had injuries or problems of a more severe nature, as the condition may easily return if care is discontinued at this point.

Wellness Care: with your pain and symptoms resolved, the objective is to keep you feeling your optimum, so that your body may effectively manage the stresses that it encounters and avoid injury and dysfunction. Choosing this type of care can save you time and money by helping to prevent small problems from becoming major health concerns or serious injuries.

Most people enter care with pain relief as a primary goal, and may choose to also participate in a course of care for correction and rehabilitation. For others, wellness care is an important part of staying healthy and maintaining the results achieved so they can fully participate and engage in their life with vitality. It is my hope that together we can identify your health needs and provide care that is appropriate for your goals.


Yes and No. Alta Chiropractic's insurance participation is as follows:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Harvard Pilgrim

  • Medicare

  • Tufts Health Plan (not all products)

  • Auto Accidents and Personal Injury

  • Work Injuries

We are NON PARTICIPATING with Aetna, United Health Care, CIGNA

Please contact us for the most up to date information on plans with which we participate, as this can change.