At Alta Chiropractic the desire and mission is to provide high quality, personalized holistic healthcare – a patient centered approach to care.

We help people achieve better health and functioning through gentle, hands-on chiropractic care, so that they can experience the benefits of a body in balance, improved spinal health, optimal functioning and wellness. We will be your partner in achieving the goals which you set forth, and together we will design a plan that will allow you to attain your ultimate goal.  Restoring balance and alignment is the focus, which is supported by education on the benefits of true wellness, a process that includes teaching better posture and movement, nutrition, exercise and stretching which in turn reduces stress on the nervous system, spine and the body. Reduced stress, whether physical, emotional or chemical, will result in fewer problems and greater health and vitality. Our goal is to enrich lives through this process of restoring balance and function.


Our Philosophy

Health is a state of optimal functioning, and not merely the absence of disease.  The goal at Alta Chiropractic is to assist people in getting to a state of health and wellness as quickly as possible. Sometimes, using Chiropractic healthcare can take a little longer to achieve relief because our aim and intention is to treat the cause of the pain...

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Chiropractic for all

In addition to Chiropractic care and adjustments, Alta Chiropractic offers other services to enhance the quality of life, and aid in lifestyle changes and overall wellness. No matter age--infant to adult--or physical circumstance, we are here for you. View all of our other services to learn about your options with us.

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Meet Dr. Susan

Dr. Susan Conley had an interest in health from an early age, and was always fascinated by the human body and mind. She attended Hobart and William Smith Colleges (B.A.) initially as a pre-medical student, and then a junior year abroad program in Sri Lanka broadened her view of health.  Seeking chiropractic treatment herself...

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