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I was pretty skeptical of Chiropractic. I didn’t understand it and knew a few people who were always going to their chiropractors - but never getting better. I met Dr. Conley and liked her philosophy of patient education and working toward wellness, so I gave it a try. I’m persuaded: I have less pain, more flexibility and better posture. I find Dr. Conley’s approach positive and proactive: she’s helped me feel better, and be a lot more comfortable in my own body.”
— Ann Gertman; Cambridge, MA
For several years I have lived with recurring lower back pain; and every couple of years, when this pain came back, it was worse than the last time. Every time I would see my M.D. and every time he prescribed painkillers, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers. I couldn’t help but think that we were always treating the effect and never the cause.

Finally, I decided that it’s time to try something different and I decided upon chiropractic care with Dr. Susan Conley. After one visit with her I could feel a difference. I felt the tightness in my lower back begin to dissipate; I felt like I was standing more evenly; and because of Dr. Conley’s explanation, I understood what was causing the backache and how we were going to fix it.

The results have been amazing.
— Ken Steele; Arlington, MA
I decided to seek chiropractic care after months of experiencing tingling sensations in my neck, and my massage therapist recommended Dr. Conley. Following Dr. Conley’s treatment plan my symptoms are greatly improved. As a 40-something fitness professional, I had grown accustomed to living with aches and pains. After several months in Dr. Conley’s care these aches and pains are gone and I now understand that I no longer have to live that way.
— Ann Marie Steele; Arlington, MA
I didn’t think chiropractic treatments were effective until I met Dr. Conley in a business group. I always had lower back pain from a compressed disc. I decided to see her for consultation and a treatment plan.

Then when I had an accident earlier this year, I was left with a disk fragment pressed against my sciatic nerve. If you have had sciatica before, you know how painful and debilitating it can be. I had it for 2 months! Immediately after the accident, I started an aggressive chiropractic treatment regimen of 3 times per week. The relief was gradual, and Dr. Conley told me I had to be a patient patient, but the treatment worked for such a severe case, and surgery might be avoided. After the month of aggressive chiropractic treatments, and then the addition of physical therapy for a month, I became pain free. Dr. Conley was instrumental in teaching me about my condition, educating me on what to do and why, and took the time to ensure I received the best possible care. She listens and really does care about each and every patient.

I highly recommend her for anyone with spinal or back issues. I am forever grateful to her for keeping me as pain-free as possible.
— Brad Chapman; Arlington, MA
I was in a car accident in May 2000, from which I suffered whiplash and pinching pain in my lower back. I had been adjusted a few times by other chiropractors, but had never stuck with the regimen. Once I began a schedule of care with Dr. Conley, I fully realized the benefits chiropractic provides. It was the immediate release of tension in my neck and back that led me to commit to my recuperation — and it was an easy commitment to make! I am no longer in pain. Freedom from pain really can’t be overrated. I am more knowledgeable about my body and wellness resources available to me, and this allows for a kind of self-confidence that I did not possess before.

Dr. Conley is an extremely knowledgeable, caring, friendly and competent practitioner. Everyone in her office was dedicated to helping people with their wellness needs, and I found my time there like an oasis in the middle of an otherwise hectic work day. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to be free from subluxation discomfort and to learn more about taking care of themselves, or anyone who wants to enhance an already healthy body and lifestyle.
— Cindy Golos; Belmont, MA
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